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Some like making text bigger. Am on Microsoft, God help me, and your site won't increase font size with the 'View' menu thing. :D

That is right.. Font size don't increase in IE. Well i suggest you to install mozilla for windows and you should be going well.. :)

If you get Mozilla, you will love tab browsing.  Just right click and select open in new tab.  SO COOL.  If it's not what you want you can close that tab and still have the other open.  You can also open and let other tabs be loading while you are reading another tab.

You will like Mozilla.  Try it.


 :D  :D  :D  :D

Well in windows.. there is a better thing.. named crazy browser..

That's interesting. But not always possible for people to use Mozilla. My eyesight isn't that bad, but have genuine trouble. Better to fix it at your end?? :D


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