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Problems with sending outgoing mail on sendmail

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I decided to use my RedHat 9 web server as an email server as well. I set up sendmail, outgoing mail worked ok but incoming would not come through. I fixed that problem by looking at a tutorial.

Now that incoming mail gets through and works I cannot make outgoing mail get past the mail queue. I had a look in the mail log file and found the following errors:

... unalble to write /var/run/ Permission Denied
and NOQUEUE: SYSERR(UID41): can not chdir(/var/spool/mqueue/): Permission Denied. I think that is why out going mail does not work.

Can anyone help?

The error message shows that u simply have permission problem. I think during following the tutorial u have messed up the permission for sendmail. Can i have link for the tutorial which u were following ?

This is the url of the tutorial. I will look into the permissions of the folder for you.

I have not worked lot with sendmail type of thing but ther error u earlier provide shows that it will not even start ie. no running so it can't even receive ..
So r u sure that sendmail is running..
use this to check..
--- Code: ---pgrep sendmail
--- End code ---
and if it returns no some values then send mail is running if nothing.. then it is not running..
Try starting send mail after login as root..  if again it shows same error ask here..

Sendmail is running but as you said before the permissions are wrong or something. I will keep working on it though. I do the sendmail stuff as a weekend thing or during my spare time. Thanks a lot though.

A while back now I set my brother up with RedHat 9 as well because he was always complaining about windows freezing when he was doing his school work (so was I sometimes). I could use his computer as a reference on what the permissions and original configuration is. Then I will set it back to normal and try again.

If you find anything tell me though - I hate starting from scratch even though it's probably the quickist way to fix software problems. :D


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