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playing mp3 in Red hat 9 using xmms


I was earlier using a modified redhat 7.2 distro. I was able to play mp3 in that but recently i installed the Redhat 9 and got the problems. When i try to play mp3 using xmms it say that that due to patent etc. the support for mp3 has been removed from this application. I thought they have removed the mp3 support from redhat so i removed the xmms rpm by

--- Code: ---rpm -e xmms-1.2.7-21.p --nodeps
--- End code ---
and then again installed the other xmms version which i had installed in my previous Redhat to play mp3 but after installing that when i play mp3 its seek bar was moving very fast and no sound was there, then i checked other application which make sounds.. there was no sound in the system. :( then i decided to unistall the xmms rpm again..  and then again i installed the xmms rpm that came with RH9 from the installation cd. Now system sound is back but still  i m not able to play mp3 in Redhat9. Plz. plz tell me how I can play mp3 in Redhat 9 ???

Your answer has been already answered here..

I also use RHL 9 and i first removed the xmms coming with RHL 9 then from my cd of RHL 8 took the srpm of xmms and compiled the software. U can also do the same. It will start working

No need to remove, all u need is just install an add-on for xmms. It's an MP3 addon form xmms. U can get it else where. :)

Red Hat was an open source company and MP3 is not an
   open source / free software friendly technology


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