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Author Topic: Moving Linux to another partition  (Read 3908 times)

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Moving Linux to another partition
« on: June 19, 2005, 08:22:49 AM »
Hi, all.

I just bought a bigger hard disk so want to transfer my Fedora into a bigger partition. Can somebody tell me how to move it and change the booting record in LILO? If not, can anybody tell me how to uninstall it please? Since I got windows there, so how can I change the MDR record?

Thanks in advanced!

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Moving Linux to another partition
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2005, 01:44:31 AM »
One thing for sure is:

U won't be able to use back the previous MBR, don't be sad:

All u need to do is use a bootable linux disk and copy all ur linux files to their respective partitions using the option:
=========Example ONLY: Coz it's my LINUX System ok :) ========
cp -avx  /mnt/srcdirectory_oldharddisk  /mnt/destdirectory_newharddisk

And then,
Change ur lilo.conf on the new harddisk, just in case u have multiple os, point the out.
Reapply ur lilo now. How?

/sbin/lilo -r /mnt/destdirectory_newharddisk

(If this command doesn't work for u, try using -c option and point the full path or ur lilo.conf file.i.e.:
/sbin/lilo -C /mnt/destdirectory_newharddis/etc/lilo.conf

Got it? :)

Im typing this short help on the spot, so forgive me if i have some typing errors or i did miss out something.

However the 100% works, coz im doing it for encrypted filesystems so many times that i got white hairs waiting for the slow copy to finish.

Actually another way is to use, "dd" command, i wont tell u here as it's very dangerous to use and u must be very familiar with ur harddisk. One wrong command means ur whole harddisk data bye bye. ;)