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Do Redhat 8 has problem with AC 97 audio


I am using RH8.. earlier I had RH7.2 , my audio was working fine in that but when i installed RH8 No audio here..
Also my other friends are having problem with same hardware in RH8..
So Red Hat 8 has problem with AC 97 audio.. ??

Well.. I think the RH8 has some problem  for the AC 97 driver .. I have RH9 on a computer with the AC 97 sound card . It was configured automatically. I also faced that problem but then i installed RH9 so .. i don't need to troubleshoot that anymore...

I need to get a copy of Redhat.  It is just different enough that I can't help anyone.   :(

Oh well, I'm so happy with Gentoo right now so not sure it would get installed except to play with.


 :D  :D  :D

the best method is to install the oss drivers from


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