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key for problems, expert system, end of need for forums?

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Read 'Key to the Invertibrate Fauna of Stony Hill Streams' and it enabled imediate identification of obscure species. It said things like 'has it got eyes?' If Yes go to 50. 50 says: 'Got a tail?' Yes go to 17. Etc.. Matter of seconds find the beast.

Why not have a program that does this for problems people have with Linux? Sort of make help forums redundant, up to a point.

Couldn't this be fundamentally important to popularising Linux? :D

Well.. we have seen your thought but was asked at wrong place so moved here..  
Lets see what other says...

But then you will have something like windoze where someone else controls the system.  I like Linux because if I want to change something in the source code, I can.  I can make my system different from everybody else, if I want to.

It would be nice if computer would just read our mind and do what we want.  Maybe in a couple more decades we can have that.

Meantime, there are excellent forums here, and out there, that can help get you used to Linux.  

My two cents worth.  That ain't much either.


 :D  :D  :D

Don't see why it makes things windoze-like, just helps solve problems; probably would be a bit fallible.

Think may try writing hyper-simple version, see if can get anywhere.

BTW what does 'later' mean - keep seeing it? :D

Short for "see you later".  Kind of like "I'll be back" I guess.

Once again now   :lol:


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