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Where is Swat?


I had webmin installed on my linux pc but when i upgraded to newer version of Webmin the swat is no longer available which earlier was available through webmin!.
How can I run swat with out webmin?

Is httpd is running on your machine..

Also check for the following..
Do u have following lines about swat in /etc/services files. If not the add them at the end.

--- Code: ---swat 901/tcp
--- End code ---

Also check your /etc/xinetd.conf/swat file for the follwoing lines..If they are not there add them!

--- Code: ---service swat
port = 901
socket_type= stream
wait= no
only_from = localhost
user =root
server= /usr/local/samba/bin/swat
log_on_failure = USERID
disable = no
--- End code ---


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