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Configuring Squid Outlook to access Remote mail server.

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I think you should give a look to it. .. .

Thanks ricky the tutorial served to be good. As you'd said rightly I was confusing the netfiler commands for Transparent Squid and NAT. Now the router is up and working and all my Clients can access the web without any problems including the POP3 polling server. I guess what i need is Good firewall Policies which I need to get down to as you've also mentioned in the tutorial. I'm reading Netfilter with a lot more interest this time. and the best thing I like about IP tables is that you can flush and easily reconfigure and I guess I better try all experimentation on non working days and I guess I'll look up for help down here in case I get Stuck...

Thanks to You once agin Ricky for being patient and helpful as well as LinuxSolved... an excellent platform that Linux newbies can look up to . You Guys r simply GREAT !!!!

hi 2 all
I have squid proxy server in my office and my user authenticate with ncsa. Is it possible for me to allow my user that use outlook ? ( i can't use transparent squid )

bahram ! you have asked this question at two place.. Please ask at one place only . See the following..


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