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Configuring Squid Outlook to access Remote mail server.

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Hi Ricky,

               I'm running Squid Proxy 2.4 Stable 7 on a Native Windows 2000 Domain network. The Red Hat 8.0 box with two NIC's running this proxy is my Gateway for the Win2k Clients the eth1 = ISP's IP and eth0 = Internal IP.

Squid's running just fine with a 128 KBps connection and I use Webmin to configure the same. Now all my clients have statically assigned IP's because of some application requirements so I cannot use a NAT. Now Firstly, I need Only my Mobile users with Notebooks with MS OUTLOOK to access the remotely hosted mail server(POP3, SMTP) directly i.e I'm unable to do this for obvious reasons for now with Squid. Is there any way I can Configure these notebook users Outlook to connect to Squid and Pull and send their mails directly as they would've otherwise done with a Dialup connection from anywhere outside.

Secondly, please dismiss this question at your discretion as its not that important....  I was wondering that Like Win2k RRAS can I use the Linux Box as a Router so as to allow all my Clients to access the Gateway directly.

Kind Regards and thankin you in advance

Ashwin  :)

Ya.. infact very simple.. and squid is best...

What you need is to use transparent proxy.. instead of simple proxy..
To know how to configure.. See other threads about transparent proxy.. you will then fine all answer to you questions.. also for routing.. ..
Tell me. if you get..

K Thanks, Ricky will keep u informed as regards the progress  :) And there's just one more question I wanted to ask you.. Is there a way to configure a Router on Linux using "softwall express" as we have RRAS in Win2kServer.. I'm currently studying the softwall docs and lets hope I can get this thing configured.. MY ISP's given me a IP on his private network whose subnet mask is different from mine and thats where Squid's comming to my Rescue. If this works well I would even contemplate trying the Failover router option in Linux :).. Thanks again and if you have any Questions as regards Win2k Server or ADS wwhich I suppose would be very less likely but... please do let me know and I'll do my best to help

Kind Regards


Thank you! man for ur proposal for help.. i ll sure ask u if i need help.. now regarding ""softwall express" i am not getting idea abt it..
For configuring linux as router u have to just enable iprouting that is so simple..  and also a firewall..

I think i m not getting wth u ask or i donno about it...

Hi Ricky, I've been just reading the manuals and they require me to adopt DHCP to assign dynamic IP's to my clients and thats something that I cannot do since My Client's IP's are statically assigned. Now I'll be a bit more specific about the prob. My ISP has assigned me a IP on his network ie say like network and mines on and this Linux MAC with the Squid has these two Nic's assigned with the same. Now I read about the Transparent IP caching and that does sound exactly like what I need but I hope whats written below holds true:

Configuring Squid

You need at least Squid 2.X to use transparent proxying. Once you have it installed and running, little additional configuration is required. Edit /etc/squid/squid.conf and make the following changes.

httpd_accel_host virtual
httpd_accel_port 80
httpd_accel_with_proxy on
httpd_accel_uses_host_header on

After you’re done, restart Squid with

/etc/rc.d/init.d/squid.init restart

Client configuration

The best part of the client configuration is that there’s none. Clients think that they’re directly connected to the Webserver, without an intermediate proxy server in between. This means that you can use almost any type of client from behind your firewall, even if it doesn’t have proxy or firewall support.

Now after reading the above I configued my Squid.conf likewise and tried downloading mails off the remote server From Outlook... What happened was I got this error:

The Host ''  could not be found. Protocol:POP3, Port:110, Secure (SSL): No, Socket error: 11001, Error Number:0x800CCC0D

and I'd read in once place... that if one wanted to Install the transparent PRoxy option it needs to be configured in the kernel... and if it is not then I'd hsvr to recompile the kernel...  :?


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