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Squid Proxy and Ftp server

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We are using squid proxy as internet sharing purpose, Our total node are 50,in all macines accessing net is fine but I am unable to connect our external ftp server through squid proxy, but when I tried to connect to ftp server from Linux server it is fine, what is the problem?

I face the same problem as you , I hv search through the Internet and get a proposed solution , but it does not work fine for me , but you may try that

Add the following ACL in a proper place in the squad.conf, and restart

acl ftp_protocol proto FTP
always_direct allow ftp_protocol

Hope that it works for you.

You people have not told me that are you using transparent proxy or simple proxy ?
in simple proxy , set your ftp client to use port 3128 (or port on which squid is listening) as ftp port and also make sure your ftp client is in passive mode.

about FTP protocol , in acls we always allow port 21 so no to use that explicitly.

Thanks Ricky, I found the cause of my problem already, I do not connect the FTP throught Passive Mode.
In fact, I am testing the FTP from IE , it do not allow Passive Mode (I am not sure whether there is a way or not) , and   I keep troubleshooting the squid , I thought is the Squid problem and yesterday only I realize this.

I am using tranparent proxy , following the tutorial giving by you , you indeed help me a lot .

Any way to allow FTP connection without Passive mode ?

I have another question on the authentication in tranparent proxy , I think I will post a new topic.
Hopefully can get your opinion ..

Dear Friends,
Thanks for your reply, but my problem remains same. I am using simple proxy and configure my ftp client to use my proxy server port 3128 and also add the line http_access allow !Safe_ports at squid.conf file.But the problem remains same, I am also unable to retrive my pop3 mail at outlook express, but all is possible at my linux server.


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