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Configuring Server for Bind, httpd, proxy and IPTABLES


I want to confiure linux 9.0 server can anyone help me what all requirement i need dns,http,squid proxy can u send me the configuration.
plz dont send the url send me id :lol: [/b]

hi waiting for reply

linux9.0  server configuration plz send to my mail{}

Mr. Amith you have not specified that where you get stucked..  As for the your requirements . please specify that what you acutally want to do ??
Are you going to hast websites ..
are you going to share internet on your LAN
Or Any other specific requirements ??
We can give you configuration but it depends that wht is your actuall need ??

ricky ,
you have really being of help from what i can see , pls keep it on.
i am a baby in linux , i hope to have a frriend in you.


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