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Title: How to install Happy Valley 0.9 (Stampede Linux 0.9)
Post by: psaborio on July 29, 2004, 07:05:41 PM
Dear guys:
I am a newbie in the Linux World. Searching across the Linux distributions I found Stampede Linux. I downloaded the happy valley 0.9 version, burned it in a CD. But the CD was not bootable. Then I downloaded the boot and root images from the Stampede website. But the root disk doesnt work. The links concerning documentation in the Stampede website are dead.Would you be kind enough to teach me how to install it?. I know that this distribution is no longer maintained. However reading some papers in the Internet looks like is perfect for my pentium II computer. I already probed: Peanut Linux 8.4, Vector Linux, Monkey Linux, Basic Linux and RedHat 7.0 but  its performance are not the best.
                                                                      Pablo Saborio Chac√≥n, MD
                                                                              Costa Rica