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Title: how to configure samba step by step in ubuntu 6.06 lts ?
Post by: y2ksuprio on November 30, 2010, 09:27:54 AM
Hi I have installed Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and I have also installed a Xerox phaser 3116 printer in it the printer is working absolutely fine but the problem is I want to bring the computer in my workgroup and I want to share that printer and some folders.

steps that I already have done

I have installed samba via terminal using apt-get install samba
And I have also installed SWAT but it is not showing in administration menu (samb).
how to bring samba GUI in administration menu and how to configure it for my abobe specified situation.
also tell me how to set the samba.conf manually. I just want all details of configuring samba as I am a newbie.

thanks in advance and have a nice day.