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Title: Hosting my own Domain
Post by: jsimmons on November 03, 2003, 06:20:08 PM
I'm about to get DSL so that I can host my own domain (and web/email servers) at home.  I already own the domain name (, and it is currently being hosted by

I'm running a Shuttle MN31N nForce2 motherboard, AMD 1900, 1gb PC2700 RAM, and a 40gb hard drive. The system only runs Linux (currently a downloaded Mandrake 9.1), and I run KDE for my desktop.

As far as the web server goes, I don't anticipate a lot of simultaneous hits.

I will also be using the same machine to drive a Haupauge TV card, but that's all I anticipate using it for besides the server stuff.

Is the machine I listed above going to be stout enough for the tasks described?

Comments, advice, and insults are welcomed and encouraged.  However, I'm new at this so go easy on the insults unless I say something really stupid. :)
Title: Hosting my own Domain
Post by: Ricky on November 03, 2003, 06:44:39 PM
Your system is good enough to host websites..

The things only matters here is that your DSL line should have a good upload speed also..
Secondly.. you have to make good firewal on your computer.

Thirdly running a server is very very... serious work..  whether its corporate or home.. you have take backup etc.. regularly.
Title: Hosting my own Domain
Post by: MiG-15 on November 04, 2003, 01:40:21 PM
Hehe, that will run it nicely.... let me put it this way, i run a Duron 1200 256 PC2100 ram, 40Gb HD, and it runs it fine, oh and a FIC AU13 nForce2 mobo too :D.  LONG LIVE NVIDIA!!!!!