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Title: ATI 9200/Suse 8.2 pro
Post by: kdiver58 on February 24, 2004, 04:36:02 PM
I have Suse 8.2 PRO installed I download the ATI 9200 rpm for my version of free86 . I click on the RPM after it has downloaded and select install package with yast. After it's done I goto console and go to init 3 and start Sax2 the 9200 is not listed. I have tried selecting the 9100 or the 8500's that show AGP next to them. I have another computer running suse 8.2 with a 8500 and it setup just fine. What do I need to do so that the 9200 driver will install? Or how do I direct Linux to the package that yast is installing?

Asus A7N8x 2.0 with the Nforce RPM installed this allows my onboard NIC
to work

1 gig of samsung pc 3200 ram

Ati 9200 AGP 128

Optiquest V95 monitor

Suse 8.2 pro with all of the updates installed off of the suse site

  I'm pulling my hair out